Taking care of our own digital wellbeing makes us more empathetic towards the user for whom we develop a product.

Infusing natural elements into our spaces reduces stress by 60%, improves focus and boosts creativity.

Follow your curiosity. Passion might change over time.

Customers are looking for a hyper personalized solution to their wellbeing problem, and rightfully so.

A significant learning curve needs to be navigated by children, parents, and schools to ensure that we thrive with technology.

Letting go of prejudice, scanning your environment, being adaptive, and developing your colleagues nurtures not only your growth, but uplifts your company and its mission.

Social media has led to the elimination of human biological rhythms and contributed to the crisis of loneliness and depression.

The pandemic of burnout needs to be tackled with digital literacy.

The 3 Ps of planning your success: Prioritize, plan, and pace.

Communicating about AI, ethics, morals, and preserving humanness will be key as we navigate these untested waters.

Physicians' deep conditioning to give, care, and heal others might not allow them to feel the need to be cared for and heal themselves.