We are a proud collaborator with the awareness campaign, Unplug Collaborative, that aims to get
MORE people to take MORE breaks from technology.

Are you frustrated seeing your neighborhoods filling up with zombies looking down at their screens and missing out on REAL LIFE?

Nashville: Unplugged Village

We organize tech-free programs for your community, school, business, and organization.

Contact us to elevate human connection over digital engagement in your community.

We have experience, resources, ideas, and inspiration to get students, customers, and neighbors engaged in meaningful ways to spend time offline.


Global Day of Unplugging is
March 1-2, 2024.

Where will you BE for GDU 2024?

Since 2009, the awareness campaign, Global (formerly National) Day of Unplugging has brought communities together to celebrate human connection through local events and programs.

Contact us to join the world's largest digital well-being movement!

Unplug to ReConnect Dining!

Plan a gathering at home or at the venue. Host a group of friends at a restaurant with quiet music without TVs.

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