Transform the mindset from Escape-Displace to
Engage-Replace… one step at a time.


Real-life situations often require focus and coping strategies. They require resisting the constant cues from wireless mobile devices (WMDs), so that undivided attention can be paid to the person or task in front.

WMDs seem to have become a natural extension of human body. They are carried everywhere. As a result, the virtual world is always there to help ESCAPE tough situations and promote procrastination.

If given a choice, what would you tend to pick:

  • Prepare a presentation vs. scroll social media
  • Household chores vs. another episode of an online streaming show
  • Make small talk in an elevator vs. pretend to be busy with your WMD
  • Deal with emotional conflict vs. drown the sorrow by binge watching online videos
  • Chart in Electronic Medical Record vs. doom scroll the internet

Did you choose to ‘escape’ from the task at hand? Did you choose to procrastinate the work for ‘just a little bit’ and then never found the ‘mojo’ for that work again?

Did your devices play a role in that?


Now imagine! You are not tied to your wireless mobile device (WMD). You broke the habit loop.

You are mindful of the craving.

Your WMD is hard to reach.

Your WMD does not entice you anymore.

You are in control of the device.

The device does not control you.

You are ready to ENGAGE with the person or task in front.

What would that look like?

  • Felt good to be done/at least half-done with the presentation less stressed
  • Caught up with some household chores relieved
  • Uplifted by the face-to-face interaction in the elevator better mood
  • Processed emotional upheaval some mental clarity
  • Completed charting in Electronic Medical Records less burnout

Did you enjoy ‘engaging’ more than ‘escaping?

Was the feeling of less stress and better mood worth it?


With a finite number of discretionary hours per day, many essential activities might be DISPLACED by the wireless mobile device (WMD) based sedentary behavior.

If given a choice, what would you tend to pick?

  • Moderate intensity physical activity or just a few more minutes of video gaming
  • Cooking a meal vs. ordering from the WMD
  • Sleeping vs. watching just one more episode of your favorite show
  • Schoolwork vs. checking how many likes and comments your most recent post received
  • Focused driving vs. texting while driving

Did you ‘displace’ essential activities? Did you get a chance to catch-up on them later?

Did you feel weighed down by the stress of displacing these activities, but still could not help it?


Next time, when faced with a tough choice between virtual and real world, pause and think.

Free yourself of judgement. Be kind to yourself.

You are not alone in this struggle for mindfulness.

Talk to your brain actively, no matter how insane that might sound! Address the mind trash:

“I am trying to avoid exercising. I don’t think that is a good idea. I always feel great after I exercise. I just need to start.”

“I need to prioritize healthy eating, and this is how I am going to do it.”

“Whenever I procrastinate sleep, I feel tired and grumpy the next day.”

“I must focus on my schoolwork right now. Social media will still be there afterwards.”

“I am a safe driver. The text can wait.”

Our connection with our devices is strong. Therefore, the effort to disconnect from them and REPLACE these activities needs to be equally resilient.

Did you replace at least one essential activity?