What action can I take?

On this page, you will find a wealth of resources to help achieve Life-Technology Balance.
From modifying the settings on your wireless mobile devices (WMD) to establishing healthy boundaries around their use, you have the tools to make your journey to Phreedom Foundation mindful and fulfilling.

Break the Habit-Loop

The cue (ding from device) leads to craving (dopamine release) that makes one respond (reach for the device) to find the reward (a new message/social media update).

If left unchecked, the habit loop plays on a loop (literally!). Breaking the habit loop is easy with a few simple steps.

From Escape-Displace to Engage-Replace

Do you find yourself escaping from tedious chores and instead, finding comfort in the virtual world?

Is it challenging to choose between physical activity vs. curling up on the couch with social media?

Whether you are new to Phreedom Foundation , or a pro, there is always something new to learn.

Phreedom at Home

Discover a variety of ways that work to simplify your family’s digital life.

It is vital for adults to set high standards for children to follow.

Are you ready to balance media use with other healthy activities at home?

Phreedom at Work

Ever feel like, you are expected to work as if you do not have a life and expected to live as if you do not work? Welcome to the reality of modern world!

When the boundaries between life-work-technology seem to blur, it’s time to act.